септември, 2021

13сеп(сеп 13)15:0014(сеп 14)15:01Macedonian Energy Forum 2021



The Government of North Macedonia ZIP Institute and U.S Embassy to Skopje are co-organizing the energy forum for the fourth time, showing continuous support for inter-sectoral collaboration in the energy area. This event will continue to give space to all relevant stakeholders to address the energy challenges of relevance for North Macedonia and the region. By offering space for exchange, the conference conclusions will serve the goal of roadmap guidelines to help shape improved policies and to build a lasting cooperation network. This organizing committee of the forum, convened for the fourth time, is an example of how society, diplomacy, and North Macedonia’s government cooperate to bring stakeholders of the academia, civil sector, companies, and governments from the region, to discuss regional energy issues. The Energy forum has been established as a prominent regional energy platform.

The Forum will also contribute to negotiating chapters 15 and 27 since the forum covers current issues of the energy transition and climate mitigation efforts of the EU and relevant for North Macedonia. It will also focus on the contribution to the achievement of the SDG 7 by the Western Balkan countries. Through the intensified cooperation between civil society, the local authorities, other actors, and the Government will contribute to a more versatile and comprehensive contribution to understanding and implementing the challenges under these frameworks.

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13 (понеделник) 15:00 - 14 (вторник) 15:01 ECT


Hotel Limak, Skopje

Radisson Blu Swamp

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