ноември, 2021

06ное10:0012:00Mobilising systems-change for a regenerative future



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“A fundamental systems-change is urgently needed to respond to the climate crisis. Growth at any cost is no longer an option and has led to disastrous consequences for our planet. Voices critical to our future are being lost in the conversation and local communities and their knowledge is being sidelined.

Drawing on the experiences of Ecosia and Patagonia, two purpose-driven companies focused on accelerating social and climate justice, this all female panel will discuss how we implement scalable, regenerative solutions that lead towards an inclusive future, where no one is left behind.

Part 1: Systems-change: putting people and planet before profit: The need for greater corporate accountability and government regulation to ensure consistent and effective delivery of climate objectives, a level playing field, and to build trust.

Part 2: Nature-based solutions: challenges, opportunities and what next? The role of business and governments in working and investing together in scalable nature-based solutions that have a positive impact on nature, climate, and society.”


(сабота) 10:00 - 12:00

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