ноември, 2021

01ное12:2012:20Reporting from the Front Line: Telling the stories of climate change



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What is the role of factual, current affairs and news programming in telling the stories of climate change? With such a powerful platform to educate and inspire, how do broadcasters make global climate change stories relevant to audiences? Can you report the challenges our planet faces without overwhelming or demoralising viewers? And how can broadcasters maintain impartiality and inspire positive change?

We’ll hear from a range of presenters and journalists who will share their insights and personal stories, giving testimony to the climate issues they’ve witnessed around the world.

Tom Heap, Presenter, Countryfile and 39 Ways to Save the Planet, BBC
Liz Bonnin, Science, Natural History and Environmental Broadcaster
Rachel Corp, Editor, ITV News
Ciaran Jenkins, Scotland Correspondent, Channel 4 News
Sarah Whitehead, Deputy Head of Newsgathering, Sky News
STV speaker tbc


(понеделник) 12:20 - 12:20

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