ноември, 2021

08ное11:3013:00Social innovation and climate justice



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As the University for the Common Good and a leading widening-access higher education institution, Glasgow Caledonian University seeks to enhance resilience and adaptability to change in local and international communities. The first university to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals as the framework for its research strategy, GCU seeks to transform communities across the globe.

Here, we bring together world-renowned thought-leader and Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus with the younger generation to address the issue of combatting climate change and injustice through social innovation.

The agenda will be driven by those who will face the climate emergency head-on over the coming decades. Our chair is the renowned broadcaster Sally Magnusson.

Professor Yunus will be joined by a leading professor and expert on sustainable fashion, two early career researchers from GCU’s Centre for Climate Justice and Yunus Centre who, together, are investigating the role of microfinance and climate change adaptation in Rwanda.

Students from our Glasgow campus, as well as GCU London and Glasgow Caledonian New York College, will drive the event. This group will, in the form of a short movie presented in three parts, pose questions to our panel; their voices being crucial in framing the debate. They are well-equipped, better-educated than any generation in history, are highly diverse and globally connected. They will experience the consequences of industrialisation and need to be the engine of change.

Key speakers/panellists:

Sally Magnusson, Scottish broadcaster and writer (Chair)
Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate and Emeritus Chancellor Glasgow Caledonian University
Prof Pamela Gillies CBE, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr Olga Biosca, Yunus Centre for Social Business & Health, Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr Michael Mikulewicz, Centre for Climate Justice, Glasgow Caledonian University
Professor Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, British School of Fashion, GCU London


(понеделник) 11:30 - 13:00

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