ноември, 2021

10ное10:0011:30“Where the streets have no air: South-south experiences on citizen air quality measurements”



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Tollulah Oni, PhD. Public Health. Physician scientist and urban epidemiologist and leader of the Global Diet and Physical Activity group at the Unit, Cambridge University, UK.
Marcelo Mena, PhD. Environmental Engineer. Director of the Climate Action Center, PUCV. Chile. Previously, World Bank’s practice manager for climate research and Chile’s former environment minister under President Bachelet.
Valeria Díaz, MSc. Chemistry Engineer. Research coordinator for Analysis and Monitoring at Secretaría de Ambiente Quito Metropolitan District, Ecuador.
Deo Okure, Air Quality Scientist at AirQo, air quality research initiative at Makerere University, Uganda.

This panel will bring together stakeholders from Latin America and Africa who are working to increase public awareness of air pollution by using a bottom-up approach of data generation to execute climate mitigation measures with a focus on the health of children.

Air pollution kills 7 million people worldwide every year and contributes significantly to climate change. Efforts to improve air quality worldwide are critically underfunded, especially in developing countries.
Representatives from Latin American and African local governments and universities will share their experiences using low-cost sensors to measure air quality and innovative forms of community engagement. As a result, countries can start addressing sustainable development goals by cleaning up the air in their cities.

Consequently, collaborative networking, identifying high-impact and low-cost initiatives, and using scientific data for political advocacy can serve as a foundation for long-term monitoring exchange and replicability in important sectors of each territory.

This South-South collaboration aims to inspire other local governments with limited resources by showcasing new bottom-up climate mitigation strategies.


(среда) 10:00 - 11:30

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